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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Building Democracies in the Middle East

In 1776, the American colonists built a democracy based on God and without a religion. I conclude that all new democracies must be built the same way, otherwise  a scripture (the Old Testament, New Testament, Qur'an, etc.) would become a different constitution of each democracy. To build a democracy with a scripture will thus only bring wars.

So in all Middle East nations today, the people of each nation must decide (without a religion)  whether their democracy will be based on deism or panentheism.

Since deism says that the the universe ends, the panentheistic God is opposed and will not terminate the universe.  The constitution of a democracy under deism will thus be very different than a democracy under panentheism.

Building demoracies are simple, if the real different Gods are distinguished clearly.


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