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Monday, May 14, 2012

Wars Are Crimes

When I worked at the National Institute of Justice of the U.S. Department of Justice, I heard many Republicans say that criminals are born. They also say that criminals should be caught and put in jail.  Then, the keys should be thrown away. It took me many years to reject this Republican belief.

Eventually, I found that crime comes from the human mind.  This crime comes from flawed symbols that people use, talk, and write with the symbols of  their national language. In every nation, crime thus come from similar causes.

As my research  continued after I retired from the Institute, I read about the 'big thinkers' and found that Jesus was a big thinker. I also discovered that Jesus teaches the origin of crime. At Mark 7:23,  Jesus said, All these things come from within, and defile the man. Thus, Jesus must have developed knowledge about the different 'symbolic languages' that all nations develop wrongly.

So, we can stop all wars.  We can stop them by examining the symbolic languages of every nations. I have examined the English language and found flaws  Since all scriptures are made with symbols, nations must always rise above its scriptures to find the causes of wars.


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