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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Same-sex Marriages

Yesterday, President Barack Obama announced his support of same-sex marriages. His decision tells me that the two presidential candidates this year will not express their understandings of God or express their knowledge of God's Intelligent Design.  So, the Declaration of Independence will be tossed into the circular file for four more years so that the U.S. Congress can serve the lobbyists rather than serving God and the People.

The truth is that same-sex marriage has originated from Darwin's evolutionary theory.  In this theory, evolutionists say that humans come from apes, not from God, and that criminals are born, as  republicans have said for many years. 

The Declaration of Independence (DOI), not only the Constitution,  is a law of the USA.  The DOI says that God is a Creator that endows 'all Men' equally.  Today, we know that this Creator is infinite and creates male and female Spirits, which are bodied differently so that the number of males and females are always equal. The same-sex marriage thus violates God's Intelligent Design. When is the U.S. Congress going to make godly laws?

President Obama rationalized same-sex marriages with unnatural reasons.  For instance, wars are now recognized  as unnatural events. In the future, I thus expect the 'equality of man' to prevent all wars. Vice President Joe Biden also supports the same-sex marriage.  Perhaps, the Orthodox (catholic) Church also support the same-sex marriage.


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