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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Physical Scientists Are Not Considering God

When making mechanical things for us, physical scientists and atheistic scientists are not considering God's Intelligent Design.  Yet we know that God made holistic things for us already and will make us other holistic things in the future.  Unfortunately, these scientists do not consider God because they believe that their science is true. But many of their statements have never been proven or will never be proven.

For instance, these scientists have never proven the Big Bang theory; have never proven an atomic theory; have never even found any free atoms;  have never proven Einstein's and Newton's space and time theories, have made dirty fission energy; and cannot make clean fusion energy.  These scientists are unsuccessful because atheists and most physicists don't believe in God.  Their latest finding at CERN is that the speed of light of a photon is not as fast as the speed of a neutron. So, our physicists are wrong again.

The field of physics is presenting yet another  problem. For instance, educating our students in physics is becoming harder. This problem is heard mostly among the parents of their young children. But the cost for developing physicists at our colleges and universities is becoming too high for the lower earning groups.  So, are only children of the rich class in the USA going to become our future physicists?  If this happens, these rich children can be expected to become atheists.

Another problem has appeared.  For instance, if Iran, the USA, Russia, Israel, etc. continue to produce fission energy, what will the radiation of fission energy do to us and the planet we live?  I conclude that it is time for all nations to investigate these nuclear energy problems.  These man-made devices are dangerous because our physicists are working mostly with unproven  theories.


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