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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Voting in a Free Nation

The USA was the first nation to become free. Today, other nations have become free. But voting in a free nation is still unknown.  So, I will show how free people must act in  the most advanced world nation on this planet, the USA.

Soon after the USA developed, all political parties were very unclear.  But after two major parties developed, small parties developed and two large parties developed.  The small parties were identified with symbols such as 'liberty.'  But the two larger parties, the Republican and Democrats, were identified with two other symbols such as 'wealth.'

Many people in the USA today are born as Democrats because their parents have earned no great wealth.  The rest of the people are born with wealth and become Republicans.

I was born as a Democratic but became a Republican when I was raising wealth.  But I studied science and found God and found the Independent party because God did not create poor and wealthy parties.

So, if you begin as a poor person and become a rich person, I suggest more study because  independence is where all truths lie about God.


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