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Sunday, April 29, 2012

How Long Can Capital Function For Our Nations?

Today, the world is changing very fast. One change is occurring in many nations because humans are recognizing their freedom and want to make it real. Another change is occurring in many nations because humans are developing new  interests in God after I proved God's existence scientifically in 2006. Another change is occurring in all free nations because their national debts are growing and limiting its government.  These debts are also reducing the security of its people.

In the USA, another change is occurring because the U.S/ people have lost their equality, which is defined in the Declaration of Independence.  I conclude that the U.S. people lost their equality after the early business owners in the 19th century died and a CEO was be hired by the family to govern the business. At colleges, these CEO are trained only to develop profits.  Thus, these CEOs are not interested in forming a more perfect Union as the U.S. Constitution mandates.

As I said before, free nations are using capital to serve its people.  However, this capital is being valued by rare physical matter such as gold, silver, oil, copper, arts, jewels, etc. If this rare physical matter decreases, capital will become very expenses.  If this happens, must we begin to put our Mothers and Fathers to death early?

I believe that it is time to redefine the symbol we call 'capital.' Isn't it time to study the writings of Henry Carey.  And, isn't it time to switch over to the American System of Economics, which was proposed by Henry Clay to Congress.(click)


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