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Sunday, April 22, 2012

What Are the Effects or Performance of Capitalism?

Capitalism came to the Western world after feudalism was defeated. However, for over two centuries, the meaning of capitalism has never been defined precisely.

Under President Kennedy, Robert McNamara was the first government leader to definee the effects of an annual capital budget of the U.S. Defense Department. Further, when I became a member of the U.S Justice Department, I wrote a memo saying that solving the U.S. crime problem will allow us to solve other U.S. government problem. My memo found very few friends.

Today, scholars define capitalism variously. Philosophical and scientific scholars say that capitalism is the logical opposite of communism or socialism. I reject these definitions  Other scholars say that capitalism is a philosophy of a free economy.  I say that this philosophy is useless because it only creates rich individuals and corporations. Let me explain this uselessness.

A free economy is based on a banking supply of 'capital'  This capital allows citizens and corporations to own businesses that produce goods or services, profits, and incomes.  A banking supply of capital can produce monetary effects for some individuals and corporations.  But such a banking supply of capital cannot produce a more perfect Union, which is required in the U.S. Constitution to produce the 'equality of man.' A banking supply of capital is not able to produce the 'equality of man.'

To be godly and real, capitalism must produce effects that produce the equality of man.


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