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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Obama Might Fix All World Economies. But Romney, or Other Republicans, Will Not Fix Them

The only economy that will maintain the people of any nation is a spiral winding on the surface of a geometrical cone.  This spiral was found by Lyndon LaRouche and Bernhard Riemann.(click)

I do not know whether President  Obama's infrastructures are aligned to the LaRouche-Riemann economy.  But Obama's economics could be similar to the LaRouche-Riemann.  If so, the Obama might fix all world economies and will serve all U.S. citizens.

I doubt that Romney's experiences in economics will fix the U.S debt problem or the world economies because the republican free trade economies serve mostly bankers, big investors, and the CEOs of corporations.  Romney's experience seems to be mostly in the reduction of labor for corporations


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