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Friday, March 23, 2012

A Wrong Interprettion of 'Equality of Man'

The rich class of people in free nations develop and hoard their riches by saying that they are absolutely free.  So they say that the 'equality of man' is false.

In the USA, the rich class extend their beliefs further than their absolute freedom by saying that the U.S. Declaration of Independence (DOI) has no laws and had only one authority to go to war against England. Senator Rockefeller is an example. To support their beliefs, the U.S. rich class extends their belief further by saying that the DOI statement  'all Men are created equal' means that Men have choices.

The rich classes must change because their beliefs are false.  While Jesus was teaching continually against the rich classes, John Locke also taught against this class of people.  In his social contract theory, Locke spoke of man's absolute freedom. This freedom existed long ago because no laws were made anywhere. So, man;s freedom was absolute because man had to protect himself.

Today, man's absolute freedom is very rare. To protect man, nations and government have appeared all over the world.  They organizations exchanged man's 'absolute' freedom for man's 'relative' freedom. In these organizations, the 'equality of man' became the law of all people in these organizations.  This law is found  in Locke's social contract theory. But I say that this law is a deeper law, a law of God.


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