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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Romey Won't Understand the 'Equality of Man."

It looks like Mitt Romney might will become the republican party candidate in the presidential election. One must thus credit Romney for his win. But his religion has hidden the real job of the White House because the Mormon Church, like the Orthodox  Catholic Church, does not understand the teachings of  Jesus Christ and the 'equality of Man.'

The 'Equality of Man' is a natural law that comes from God.  In the USA, this law was authorized by the Declaration of Independence, which says that 'all Men are created equal.'  This law is simple because it only requires that the U.S. government puts into law 'something' that is producing 'an equality of all Men.'

It does not matter what the 'something' is as long as Congress identifies it clearly from God's Intelligent Design, the people agree with it, and pay for it.


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