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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Many Americans Do Not Understand Symbols

Many Americans do not understand their national language.  So, many Americans do not know how to read or make symbols, do not know how their mind will use symbols to function as a citizen, and how to interpret the founding documents of the USA.

For instance, many Americans believe that the founding documents gave all Americans freedom. . Then, these Americans  interpret the symbols, freedom and free, as absolutes, not realizing that God exists and that only God's freedom is unlimited.  No symbol in our created world is absolute. So, in any nation, the freedom of every citizen is limited by Laws of Nature and Nature's God.

To add a foreign language into the U.S. national language would affect negatively the performance of all immagrants because the meanings of the same symbol in two nation will always be different because human behaviors are not consistence.  When I was born in Pennsylvania, my parents never used their German language around me.

So, the languages of Spain, France, Germany, etc. should not be added into the U.S. English language. If two nations want to become one nation, only one national language should be used and taught.


  • At 7:33 AM, Anonymous David S. Wilkinson said…

    Sorry George but you're a little late as English has elements of almost every other language intermingled into it. America is a nation of immigranys that all brought something to our national culture, elements of language being perhaps the greatest contribution.
    Should we develop a new national language and start from scratch? If so how would it be taught consistently throughout the country? Who would develop it in the first place? Ben Franklin tried such a thing in the the late 1700's but gave up when he saw our national language was already too far developed to start fresh.


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