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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Causes of Early Human Death

Junior Seau has died yesterday at the age of 43. His death is a troublesome problem in the football game at the San Diego Chargers, a Super Bowl team that has now seen eight of its players die before reaching the age of 45.

Linebacker Lew Bush died from a heart attack at e 42; defensive lineman Shawn Lee died of a heart attack at 44; defensive lineman Chris Mims died of an enlarged heart at 38; defencive lineman Curtis Whitley died of a drug overdose at 39; linebacker Doug Miller died after struck by lightning at 28; running back Rodney Culver died  in the crash of ValuJet Flight 592 at 26; and linebacker David Griggs died in a car accident at 28.

Apparently, the 1994 Chargers was known as a physical team. And, Seau seemed to enjoy this physical interaction.  Seau played seven years in San Diego, three years in  Miami, and four years in New England.

In retirement, Seau lost the best wayof living. In 2010, in his SUV he drove off a cliff after he was arrested of spousal battery. Today, he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest.

Our physical scientists and atheists must be charged with the unnatural deaths of many humans because they reject God and say that we have only one life. So, I must explain again that these scientists and atheists are wrong.

The poor thoughts of physical scientists and atheists  come from symbols that serves us. For instance, electrical wires can connect our different telephones. And, electrical wires can connect  electronic parts to make a radio. However, physical wires cannot connect our voices, phones, or radios to God because God is One and has no parts.

When things were created, God did not make things like we makes things with physical connectors. As Galileo said, each thing made by God has an infinite number of indivisivles. So, when a person is careless with his or her body, death will appear.  This is why the 'equality of man,' a mandate of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, must become a real truth.


  • At 1:42 PM, Anonymous David S. Wilkinson said…

    You did it again within 24 hours. Using a human tragedy to make the case for your convoluted theories. George what little credibility you had has been further eroded by your narcissism.

  • At 2:34 PM, Anonymous David S. Wilkinson said…

    So getting struck by lightning is being "careless" with one's body. Riding in a car must be careless too as many people die early as a result. What about marathon runners that have heart attacks ? In spite of being careful with their bodies thay still died early. Your myopic quest for equality is causing you to miss the reality that we cannot know God's plan or will.


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