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Monday, May 07, 2012

The Problems With Man-made Divisibles

As my research goes deeper and deeper into the Intelligent Design of God, I am finding new human problems. These problems are distinguishing holistic wholes from man-made wholes. These problems are understood, if you understand that all created things are divisible and come from the indivisibles that God creates.

For example, we know that God is always making things for the universe, such as suns, planets, water, oxygen, forests. oceans, mountains, etc. We also know that each of these created thing has an infinite number of parts. So, we can depend on God for many different things.  However, we also know that man is making things for himself and other humans such as as  homes, TVs, reservoirs, pills, alcohol, steroids, oxycodone (click), fast/low oxygen airplanes (click), etc. However, we also know that each of these things only have an countable number of parts.

I am not concerned about what God is making because, to be safe, we only need to learn and understand the holistic things that God has made and will make for us.  However, I am concerned about what man is making for us because none of them have an infinite number of parts.  Thus, the things made by man are not holistic.  Since man-made things are not holistic, man-made things will have side effects.

So, it is time to accept my scientific proof of God's existence and correct all man-made things before cancer and other side effects kill everyone.


  • At 7:35 AM, Anonymous David S. Wilkinson said…

    And exactly how would these corrections take place?


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