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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Islamic Laws Are Questioned Laws of God

Founded in 1980, the TVC is the voice for millions of Americans. Its president is  Andrea Lafferty and protects the American values through the U.S. Congress. In its recent information, the TVC is telling us about the insidious growth of radicalized Islam and Shariah (Islamic) law in America. TVC presents five concerns (;;; Politico debate in  Florida; and  These concerns are important and correct.  Thus, U.S. citizens must become interested in the concerns of TVC because Islamic laws are not equal to the laws of God that U.S. citizens developed since 1776.

In 1776, the Declaration of Independence defined the 'U.S. laws of God' that are followed by the U.S. citizens beginning in 1776.  Two laws were defined with symbols and two statements --- 'Laws of Nature and and of Nature's God.'  Today, the statement,  Laws of Nature, are called scientific laws. And, the statement, Laws of Nature's God, are called moral laws.

These two laws will be found only by humans because God gave man a unique ability,  to know God's Intelligent Design of the universe. Since the knowledge of this Design is always growing, this knowledge grows and can never be completed. These new 1776 laws are telling us that human life never ends.

Since human life never end, problems develop among nations.  For instance, nations cannot force its laws onto other nations, when the minds of humans and the symbolic languages of nations are very different. Only similar thinking and similar symbols can bring different nations together. Thus, if a Muslim wants to come to the USA, the person must change and become an American under the godly laws written in the Declaration of Independence.

People cannot move from nation to nation with the same religion anymore. Human life is advancing.  We are not degenerating.


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