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Saturday, September 22, 2012

40. More On Inheritances

In my 38th blog, I am saying that inheritances must be eliminated. I want to expand my information about this saying.

Inheritances appeared when people began to believe that families exist (click)  and that families have bloodlines (click).  When Abe Lincoln ran for the presidency, Darwin's book on evolutionary theory appeared in the USA in order to maintain slavery in the South. Darwin's book also supports families in order to save the power of  England's Kings and Queens.  So, if a person accepts Darwin's evolutionary theory, that person must reject the God that I present in my new book," A New and Modern Holy Bible with the Intelligent Design of An Active God."(click)

Throughout the world, many big families are appearing. (click)  More of these big families are appearing because some parents have become rich and believe that their riches must be passed onto their children rather than to the 'nation.'  Passing  riches only to their children seems to be supported by U.S. Democrats and Republicans.  But they do not understand the active God that I identify.  Nor do they know that God is active in the rebirth of every child after their death.

Some scientists say that the children of the big families have low IQs. (click) Since we know that  U.S. mathematicians and scientists are now ranked very low in the world, the belief in 'families,' the belief in 'bloodlines', and the beliefs in 'family riches' can now be challenged in every nation. Now, owing minerals could also be challenged.


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