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Friday, April 19, 2013

222 Religons Must Decide

In the Old Testament at Gen. 2:2, I said yesterday that Moses told us that God rested on the seventh day. I say that Jews must now review this saying of Moses and must decide whether deism or panentheism is correct because both cannot be right. If panentheism is accepted by the Jews and many other Little Gods, the life of humans will change drastically.

Islam must also check its scripture on Moses saying because after Muhammad died, his brother made the Qur'an, with the help of some Jews. We also know that Muhammad was a follower of Nestorius and Jesus. This means that Muhammad was a follower of panentheism because I found that Jesus was a teacher of panentheism to many Jews.

As I have said often, scriptures are not written by God.  Instead, all scriptures are being made by Little Gods. So, scriptures and other books must be reviewed continually because the meaning of symbols are never perfect and can only be improved.


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