Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

236.12 Little Gods Are Developers Forever and Must Always Build Equal Nations and Families

When godly thoughts entered into the minds of Little Gods, pantheism, deism and theism developed and created many religions. These godly thoughts led to Kings and small social groups.  Then, these groups expanded and led to nations.  Some nations would develop war machines to maintain them . But in the 20th century, the space program found that our planet is not flat. This new evidence about planets led to the development of a few permanent democracies and a few permanent space research nations, such as Russia and the USA..

Since pantheism, deism, and theism have been destroyed recently by panentheism, the permanent  democracy are becoming natural. But today, some nations still have 'rulers' and 'ruled Little Gods.' These ruling nations are now highly outdated because a panentheistic God does not make nations or families. The new panentheistic God only creates Little Gods and infrastructures for the Little Gods.  These Little Gods and their infrastructures will grow in numbers forever

So, when a Little God dies, a panentheistic God will give that Little God a new life in a Father and Mother.  This Father and Mother can be living in any nation.  For example, when President Reagan died, no one knows where God places this Little God. As a child, Father, and Mother, a new family will form in order to care for this child. Since war machines are children killers, all nations and families must become equal, for example, by eliminating world competition.

Since God might place Little Gods into North Korea and Syria, these two outdated nations must be changed.


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