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Friday, May 10, 2013

236.8 Give Life to the U.S.Decleration of Independence

In yesterday's blog, I say that a democracy cannot be made with a Constitution  Instead, two different founding documents are needed to make a democracy that would have a private and public sector.  John Locke knew these two sectors and identified them as Society and Government. I conclude that other social theories will fail to produce any democracy. (click)  Further, no one can expect capitalism to make democracies. Only socialism can make democracies

In my State of West Virginia, two senators worked in the U.S. Congress for many years. Sen. Robert Byrd held the Constitution daily in his back pocket. And in a letter to me,  Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV said these words.  'While the Declaration of Independence is not considered law in the same sense that the Constitution is considered law, through our nation's history, it has been looked upon by the Supreme Court in order to frame the historical content of legal and constitutional issues.'

These two senators were in Congress for long periods but never understood how the USA democracy must work. They never saw the Declaration of Independence (DOI) as the private sector and never saw the Constitution as the public sector. 

Since the U.S. Congress said that the DOI had no laws, the Congress would never see the potentials of the American System of economics.  Instead, Congress would see the British System of Economics and its godless performances.  And Congress would never see the potential 'equalities of Men.' Instead, Congress would only see the  'inequalities of Men.  Without the DOI, most of the 'one People' would become poor.

The DOI must have a permanent life for all Little Gods, all families, all towns, cities, and nations.


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