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Friday, May 03, 2013

235. A Confused History of Theologies

In yesterday's blog, I defined theism, deism, and atheism from a good Collegiate dictionary. I also spoke about the new theology called panentheism, which is used in the development of democracies like the USA.(click)

Unfortunately, panentheism is thought to be a recent theology. (click) But panentheism is an old theology.  It began with Anaxagoras in 500 B.C. Then it was confirmed by Plato in his Parmenides Dialogue. In the Neo-platonism of Greece, panentheism became ready to be taught and was first taught to Jews by Jesus. However, many Jews rejected panentheism. Nestorius taught panentheism and Muhammad became a follower of Nestorius and Jesus..But Muhammad's brother and some crafty Jews rejected panentheism. This is why Muslims say wrongly that Christians are infidels.

Unfortunately, Jews never learned the teachings of panentheism by Jesus because most Jews would fight for deism. And, only a few disciples of Jesus could learn parts of the panentheism that Jesus taugh. Furthermore, Gnosticism was rejected in the 2nd century by Bishop Irenaeus. This rejection hid Jesus' scientific teachings of panentheism.  So, by the 4th century, Christians would believe in three different theologies --- theism, deism, and the Trinitarian God of the Nicene Creed.

It is clear that many Jews had accepted the theology of deism and rejected Jesus' panentheism. It is also clear that Muhammad's brother made a very big error by accepting the theology of deism, when Muhammad died and had been developing panentheism. But Christians have become unclear because they accept a theology of God and a theology of Jesus. They seem to say that two Gods exist.  But panentheism must be very careful.  For instance, we can say that God is inactive and active or that God is infinite and the universe is finite. We must use opposites when we study the relations of God to the universe. Only one God exists.

Today, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are teaching false theologies. These false theologies are causing nations to become godless. These godless nations seem to be staying away from the murders in Syria and the slavery in North Korea.  God knows this godlessness and will act.


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