Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

232. The Real Trinity (Why Jesus is not the Son of God.)

In 325 AD,  Christianity redefined God as three divine persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  The Fourth Lateran Council declared, "it is the Father who generates, the Son who is begotten, and the Holy Spirit who proceeds". So Christians say that all thing in the universe come from the Father, through the Son and in the Holy Spirit. This Trinity is a mystery because only one God exists.

This mystery appeared because Christians had rejected Gnosticism; that Christians had not interpreted the scientific teachings of Jesus at all; that Christians had become logicians, which would fill the Roman courts of Cicero with logic instead of metaphysics; that Christians had concluded wrongly that Jesus wanted to die; and that Christians concluded wrongly that Jesus was resurrected.

In the 15th century, Bishop Nicholas of Cusa,  tries to remove the mystery of the Trinity.(See 'On Learned Ignorance', Bk. I, Ch. Ten)  Instead of saying that God is Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Cusa identifies the oneness of God as indivision, distinctness, and union.

In my first book,'The First Scientific Proof of God' I discuss the Trinity beginning on p.124. I discuss the Trinity again in my second book, 'A New and Modern Holy Bible' beginning on p.117. In both books my mind is saying that the oneness of God is trinitarian.  But in both books I am also saying  that the oneness of the Universe is trinitarian.  Thus, my mind is working with metaphysics and the togetherness of God and the Universe.  These trinitarians unify God and Universe scientifically

I say that God and the Universe come together only because an active God is trinitarian and is a One, Equality, and Union thing that makes the Intelligent Design of the Universe that will receive many, difference, and relation things.

Accordingly, the Trinity does not have a Son named Jesus Christ. Jesus was born, as all Little Gods are born and are reborn continuously. Jesus did great teachings after he found the Greek discovery of a God and Universe, which are eternal. As a  great scientist, Jesus taught a new world until the Jews nurdered him.


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