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Sunday, July 28, 2013

237.19 Making the U.S. States and U.S. Families Equal

I conclude that Syria's people will eventually remove Bashad Assad from office, even though 100,000 Syrian people have been killed by Syria's army. And I conclude that Egypt's army will eventually remove Mohammed Morsi and  Muslims from office. Only a few Egyptians might be killed. and should be honored.

In these two nations, we see that the families of two different nations will achieve the same result, that is, to make their families and their two nations equal under a panentheistic God. To God, these two nations will thus achieve the same results for God because Syria's army can destroy persons but cannot destroy any immortal souls. So, only 'periods of time' will distinguish the greatness of these two nations.

I conclude that the USA must also do what Syria and Egypt are doing because the fifty States and the families are not equal. This inequality has destroyed the education of U.S. children. I believe that this change would be even more simple than the changes that Syria and Egypt are making. I say that we only need to recover the five laws in Declaration of Independence; distinguish the laws of the private sector from the laws of the public sector; and install the American System of Henry Clay.


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