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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

237.6 The Heresies of Irenaeus

In my last blog on the Panentheistic Church of Jesus, I said that we are unable to know God and the Little Gods when they are born. But I said that we have other abilities because we can learn the works of God, learn the works of the Little Gods, and learn the motions of animals, plants, and physical things.

I also say that God creates souls before bodies are created for the universe. So, souls are nothing before some things exist in the universe.  Thus, when nothings are caused to come together by God, a universe will exist.  As long as the nothings come together, the universe will never end. Anaxagoras recognized this action, Plato confirmed this action, and Jesus was the first preacher who taught this action.

However, when Christianity was born, some Christians said that we have other abilities.  For example, in the second century, the Christian,  Irenaeus, spoke of Jesus and defined heresies.

At Chap. XIX, Irenaeus said, 'Jesus was not a mere man, begotten from Joseph in the ordinary course of Nature, but was very God, begotten of the Father most high, and very man, born of the virgin.' This statement by Irenaeus is false because we can only name Jesus and learn his works. It is wrong to say that a human can be born without a sperm.

At Chap. XVI, Irenaeue also said, 'Proofs from the Apostolic writings that Jesus Christ was one and the same, the one begotten Son of God, perfect God and perfect man.'  This statement is false because we can name Jesus but cannot know that he is perfect and is God and man.

And, at Chap.I, Irenaeue also said, 'The Apostles did not commence to preach the Gospel, or to place anything on the record, until they were endowed with the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit. They preached one God alone, maker of heaven and earth.' This statement is false because a Holy Spirit cannot exist.  Only souls can exist  between God and the created things. Further, all words produce sensual data, which are primarily symbolic and can never be perfected. So, all scriptures are only histories of man on the subjects of God, the universe, and the Little Gods.

Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other religions must stop preaching untruths.  These untruths are only misleading the futures of the people of all nations.


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