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Friday, August 23, 2013

253.Jews, Orthodox Christians, and Muslims Must Be Eliminated When Democracies are Being Built.

My last blogs are showing that the scriptures of Judaism, Orthodox Christianity, and Islam are highly flawed and will not be able to develop any real democracies under a panentheiscic God. (Note. I say that some protestants are really Orthodox Christians because other protestants are turning towards the panentheistic teachings of Jesus, Plato, and Anaxagoras.)

So, I conclude that the Little Gods of Syria and Egypt and their military forces must remove all Jewish, Orthodox Christian, and Islam members from their democratic governments.  Once these three religious have been cleaned out only panentheistic Little Gods should be allowed to function as lawmakers, president, and judges of the Egyptian and Syrian democratic government.

Also, if the little Gods of Egypt and Syria do not act to remove the Jews, Orthodox Christians, and Muslims from their government,  the USA should not support their military. And the USA should not support the Syrian military if chemicals are being used on Syrian Little Gods. While Little Gods can never be killed, the cost of the deaths of Little Gods to build real democracies must be minimized.


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