Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

251. Today's Causes of Wars

The errors of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are great in numbers because these religions made scriptures, cast them into concrete, and did not make them more perfect as time passes. Below, I  identify two major errors of these religions.

A major error of Judaism is the belief that Adam and Eve were perfect but sinned by eating from the Tree of Knowledge.  This is an error if God is perfect. Jews also believe that God ended his creative work on the seventh day. This belief is false because Plato shows in his Parmenides Dialogue that 'One God' cannot exist without 'other things.' Thus, when One God creates, all souls are created instantly and forms a universe that is changing forever.

A major error of Christianity is the belief that Jesus is God and man. This belief is false because the knowledge of man can never become perfect.  In the 2nd century, Christians began to believe that Gnosticism is blasphemy. This error led Christians into logical thinking and turned their minds away from metaphysical thinking.

A major error of Islam was made by Muhammad's brother and some crafty Jews. This error turned Muslims away from Jesus' teachings and turned Muslims toward the belief that the creation has an end. So Muslims hold the belief that God has a Heaven that has virgins. But only a universe can have heavens. Since God is one, God has no heaven. Muhammad was a follower of  Nestorianism and Jesus. (click) I say that Jesus was a follower of Plato and Anaxagoras.  So Muslims are lost and do not teach the works of Muhammad and Nestorius.

If Jews, Christians, and Muslims do not correct their scriptures, stupid wars will continue.


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