Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

243. All World Trashy Markets Must Be Eliminated

Based on yesterday's blog, I say that the mind of ancient man did not relate numbered money to symbols after man began to write. Instead, I conclude that the mind of ancient man related numbered money to markets long before man began to write scriptures. I say that numbered money became functionally related only to man's markets. Numbered money never became functionally related to any ancient symbols or to any powerful modern symbols that would define the future rebirths of man.

If numbered money can only be related to markets, the future of every reborn Little God cannot be predicted by any scientist.  Thus, money and markets can only become disorderly.  For example, if the numbered money of the Little Gods are unequal and a wealthy Little God is reborn in the universe after death, this Little God will not become reborn in the same male/female, family, nation, or planet because God's creation of the universe is orderly. In God's creation, the order of co-existences forms 'space' and the order of successions form 'time.' This is why bloodlines and evolution theory are false and DNA is helpful in health care work.

Accordingly, all 'world trashy markets' on this planet must be eliminated. And in all nations on this planet, numbered money must become functional for infrastructures, education, health care, morality, etc. for all Little Gods. We must build nations in which all Little Gods are equal.


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