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Sunday, August 11, 2013

240.Changing the USA From a Trading Nation to a Godly Nation

On July 4, 1776, the American colonists made the Declaration of Independence and separated thirteen colonies from the British Empire. A war began and ended in 1783. And a 32-month began in 1812.(click) The American colonists separated themselves from the British Empire partly because England had developed a large Royal Navy. (click) This navy was necessary to protect the trading nations of the Empire.

Trading nations have big problems different trading nations use different symbols to express economic concepts. Thus, trading words are not scientific. (See p. 9 of Henry C. Carey's book on 'The Unity of Law.') Today, U.S. economists are saying that U.S. unemployment has changed 'naturally' from 4% to 7%. Such a statement would come out of the mouth of President Herbert Hoover, if he was still living.

Instead of making the USA a trading nation, the founders said, in the Declaration of Independence, that the colonists must make the USA 'one People' under God.  These two symbols mean that all Little Gods are equal and that all Little Gods must  apply the American System of economics.(click)


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