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Saturday, August 03, 2013

237.12 God Perceives The Thoughts of All Little Gods

In my last blog, I say that researchers have found  that babies are able to distinguish immoral and moral things after they are reborn.  Thus,, the words of Moses at Gen. 1:27 of the Old Testament will become agreeable to modern thinkers. On the other hand, the words of Moses, in Ch. 2 and 3 of Genesis, will become useless to modern thinkers.

Gen. 1:27 is useful because the panentheistic God creates souls, that is, creates many male humans, many female human, many male dogs, many female dogs, etc.) after the souls of all nonliving things have been created. The story of Moses in Ch. 2 of Genesis about a Tree of Knowledge in the middle of a Garden of Eden is not true because each born or reborn soul is functionally related to other bodies.

In his Monadology, Gottfried Leibniz says that all souls perceive.  Human souls can perceive and unify perceptions.  This is why humans are said to be images of God. But animals and plants do not unify many perceptions, as we do, because their mathematical abilities seem to be limited to small counts. Leibniz says that the perceptions of physical things, such as gold, atoms, sand, etc., are confused.

In my first book, The First Scientific Proof of God, I concluded that God and humans cannot communicate with each other. But I concluded that God and humans can exchange information because both God and humans are perceivers. In my second book, I exchange information to God when I find something new about God and post it on my Google blog. I also exchange information to God when I made by second book,  'A New and Modern Holy Bible With The Intelligent Design Of An Active God.' Thus , I exchange information to God when I think and communicate my new thoughts to other humans. So, I am saying that God can perceive all of our thoughts.

Accordingly, God is able to perceive all Little God's thoughts at all times



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