Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Saturday, August 10, 2013

239. The BritishEmpire and Its System of Economis Have No Real God

The British Empire became real in the16th  century and became the largest empire in history. In the 20th century, it still controlled about one-fifth of the Little Gods in the world. In its colonies, the  British System of Economics was installed. Adam Smith writes about this System.

Today, this System is called 'free enterprise' by people of godless colonies, who say that humans are absolutely free and have no life after death or are people of godly colonies, who say that they have life after death in God's heaven. The life of these people differ greatly --- from riches, to isolation, to immoral acts, to crime, to drugs, to no higher education, to early deaths, etc.

When England decided to increase American  taxes, the thirteen American colonists decided to separate their colonies from the British Empire and make equal colonies for their Little Gods. Before all thirteen colonies became separated from England, the New York colony, the Virginia colony and the Keystone colony, Pennsylvania, had given land equally to Little Gods. Land was authorized to their people, if a home was to be made or if a needed product was to be made. This equality of all Little Gods was the first step of the American System of Economics, which was presented to the U.S. congress by Henry Clay after England's War of 1812.  Henry C. Carey, an advisor of President Lincoln,  made a book in 1872 on the American System (The Unity of Law). President Lincoln used the American System.  President Kennedy took us into many new 'technological goods.' In his second win, President Nixon would build 'needy' projects. And President Reagan would use the American System to develop 'reasoned' products.  President Obama will follow Lincoln and Kennedy and will build a health care system for all Little Gods.

The number of people, who are becoming aware of the American System, is still very low because they are not learning about the panentheistic God and His universe. When more people learn about the American System and the panentheistic God, the British System will be rejected by many people.  Then, the American System will be applied in all nations, all families, and all Little Gods.  So, the future is up to you. 


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