Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

242. Uniting Numbered Money With the Truest Symbols We Can Find

About 9000 years ago, tokens had developed to identify numbers. In time, symbols were added to identify numbers and different things. In time,  the numbers were moved to metal coins and the symbols became free and unrelated. When the numbers and symbols were separated, a new thing was created --- 'the free market.'

In order to participate in world markets, every nation built a free enterprise economy. These economies had many differences. (click) These differences were ugly because God wants all humans to build equal economies in every nation.

Instead of uniting 'numbered money and symbols,' our economists and governments have separated all numbered money from the symbols that will take us into the future. With this ugly separation, numbered money became a thing that wants to destroy God and the universe, which God made. Today, numbered money has developed 'debt' in every nation. This debt is destroying nations and is turning them into wars

It is time to unite numbered money and symbols  with the American System, with Henry C. Carey's book on The Unity of Law, and with my Panentheistic Church of Jesus.    

In the USA, economists are currently focusing their thoughts on the flow of money among fewer and fewer humans. This unequal flow of money has developed because humans have developed beliefs in either atheism, deism, theism, or panentheism.  I say that atheism, deism, and theism are false theories.


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