Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Monday, August 12, 2013

241. As Little Gods,We Must Become Real Humans

Yesterday I say that Little Gods in the USA can become equal if  'one People' applies the  American System. (click)  This system is 'national and thus applies to all States. It was described in detail in the book (The Unity of Law) in 1872 by Henry C. Carey.  Today, I can also say that as the equality of 'one People' grows, the families on this planet will become more equal and all nations on this planet will become more equal in God's rebirths of souls in the universe.

On page 9 of Carey's book, we are told about the defects of Adam Smith's economy and the lack of scientific definitions on concepts such as Value, Wealth, Labor, Capital, Rent, Wages, and Profits. On page 376, Carey gives us newer scientific

meanings of concepts such as Utility, Value, Wealth, Production, Capital, Trade, and Commerce. For example, 'Capital'  becomes the instrument by help of which work is done, whether existing in the form of land, ships, wagons, houses, mental or physical force. And 'Trade' becomes consists in the performance of exchanges for other persons, being the instrument used by ---Thus, these 1872 thoughts of Carey can be connected to the thoughts of the 1920 linguists, who say that all sensual data are primarily symbolic. (See Langer, Susanne K. (1957) Philosophy In a New Key, Ch. 1).

Accordingly, the development of equal nations, equal families, and equal Little Gods form a continuous process that never ends and had no beginning by God. All economic thoughts are human and are not from God.  We produce stupid acts such as rich and poor people, employed and unemployed workers, criminal and non-criminal men and women, etc. These acts produce too many strange Little Gods. For this reason I found the 'Panentheistic Church of Jesus.'


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