Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Monday, November 11, 2013

323. The History of My First Book, My Second Book, and My Third Book

To conduct more research on God and the universe, I started to develop blogs on Google on June 9, 2006 after my first book, The Fist Scientific Proof of God, was published by AuthorHouse. Thist book proved the existence of God. The physical scientists and atheists debated my proof of God but failed because science cannot prove nonexistent things. On June 2010, my proof of God’s existence was gaining support and was published by Scientific God Journal in Volume 1 Issue 4.

I continued research after making my first book and started to learn more about God and the Universe. Since my first book informed me that God cannot be known. I concluded that God must be one. If God is one, I conclude that God has no parts, like the parts we have. So, I distinguished God from us and all other created things. When I learned that God is one and cannot be known, I concluded that God is unknown but must act because God created the universe. So, although we cannot develop knowledge of God, I found that we can develop knowledge of the acts of God.

With science, I can say that God is ‘inactive and unknowable.’ I also say that God is ‘active and knowable.’ With these four scientific concepts. I am able to understand God better. Technically, these four concept use dialectical opposites (or both/and opposites) rather than logical opposites (or either/or opposites). This way of understanding God led to my second book, ‘A New and Modern Holy Bible With The Intelligent Design of An Active God.' It was published by AuthorHouse in June 2012.

However, my second book will also say that Abraham rejected pantheism, developed monotheism, and said that God is one. But my second book will also show that the Old Testament was being challenged by Greeks after Anaxagoras said that God and the universe is one. Thus, the Greeks were saying that God and the universe had no beginning and has no end. Further, in his Parmenides dialogue, Plato was also saying that ‘one thing’ always has ‘other things.’ Furthermore, when I researched the Old and New Testaments, I learned that the Old Testament teaches deism. On the other hand, the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus are aligned to the Greek panentheism rather than deism. So, I conclude that the Jews had Jesus killed after he came home from Greece to teach panentheism.

Today, humans speak mostly about deism, theism, and atheism. But soon after I made my second book, I began to conduct research on a panentheistic God and His universe that has no end. After eighteen months of research, I produced hundreds of blogs and will make a third book. This book will change every nation and every Little God.

I unify science with theology and capitalism with socialism. As the founder of ‘The Panenthistic Church of Jesus,’ I say that this church will become the greatest scientific and moral teaching organization in the world.


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