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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

437 Religions Must Act Now.

The first formal development of religions, such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and other believing systems, developed only morals (rights and wrongs). Thus, I say that these first religions did not develop sciences (truths and falsities) and thus could not develop any sciences of God and the universe. But as I said yesterday, the first sciences had been developing by great thinkers such Confucius, Anaxagoras, Plato, and Jesus.

But by the 2nd century, the Jews and Christians quiet Jesus' first sciences about God and the universe. Since religions have never developed any sciences, I say that all current religions are developing fakes that are not what they are purported to be.

The New Testament has many sciences of Jesus. For example, in Matt. 5:19, Jesus speaks of the 'least in the kingdom of heaven' and also speaks of the 'great in the kingdom of heaven,' Jesus is teaching that all human minds can grow. Jesus teaches the mind of a woman of Samaria at John. 4:7-15 and calls it living water to distinguish it from our thirsty water. These words of Jesus say that the human mind self-develops knowledge.

When a religion teaches only morals, it must prepare its followers for more wars because a new life in heaven with God is not possible. But war machines have no natural purpose because the leader of each war machine does not know its soldiers because only God knows the time and place of each human being. So, when Hitler's mind was at work to win nation-after-nation, he did not know his soldiers. Nor did Hitler know that he would be reborn by God after he killed himself.

If religions do not come together with science, the war machines in this world will continue. President Putin and Russia is an example of Hitler's dumbness.

My books are as follows:

1. The First Scientific Proof of God (2006), 271 pages
2. A New and Modern Holy Bible (2012), 189 pages
3. God And His Coexistent Relations to The Universe. (2014), 429 pages


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