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Friday, July 17, 2015

812. When Are Americans Going To Understand The Declaration Of Independence

It is very clear to me that the American colonists were separated from England on July 4, 1776 not only because a New God and a New universe was found in Europe by Benjamin Franklin in 1766 and brought these two new things to the USA. The separation of the American colonists from England also occurred because Ben Franklin said that the Declaration of Independence (DOI)was going to make a new nation of 'one People' rather than a nation of capitalism.

However, after the American colonists and their people were separated from England, U.S. political parties and Congress worked in order to change the USA of 'one People' to a nation of capitalism. This change was made by U.S. politicians, Congress, the Supreme Court, and capitalists, who say that the DOI has no laws. For example, recently former U.S. Rep. Michael Grimm got eight months in prison only for tax evasion. So, we can see why ghettos and crime in all U.S. cities and towns began to develop n the 1970, as England did long ago in London. Thus, capitalism only produces ungodly nations.

So, when Donald Trump builds golf country clubs for capitalists in order to earn billions of dollars, how can he become president of the USA? Or how can Bill Clinton' and his wife become president of the USA when lawyers do not understand the scientific statements in the DOI? Or how can President Barack Obama be president of the USA when he accepts Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and makes a deal with the Muslim's of Iran. Certainly, President Obama went to work on the healthcare for all humans. But he had no reasons to develop healthcare with insurance capitalists. Obama could have developed healthcare with the American Economic System of Henry Clay.

When are the Americans going to understand the DOI?  And, when are the Americans going to understand that the all nations are under God and have only 'one people' that  He made? I suggest that you watch TV movies of ENCORE on 'Going West' to learn how the 'one People of the USA was changing to a nation under capitalism.

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