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Friday, December 11, 2015

867. The States Must Develop Greater the Declaration of Independence

Yesterday, President Obama signed a new education law, which shifts educational power from the U.S. Congress to the States. Thus, the educational laws will shift from the Constitution to the Declaration of Independence (DOI). This shift changes a response to me by John D. Rockefeller IV. Rockefeller told me that the DOI has no laws. However, the USA cannot develop a more perfect union without more and more DOI laws.

Unfortunately, when President Abe Lincoln was assassinated, the development of a more perfect union was terminated for 150 years by the U.S. Congress, their lawyers, and the Constitution. However, without scientific laws, the DOI could not grow because most lawyers are not trained in science. Accordingly, more scientists must be brought into the States.

It is very clear that all democracies must have two different sets of laws..

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