Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Friday, March 03, 2017

953B. More On God's Little Soul-Bodies

In 1929 Herbert Hoover said that the falling U.S. economy will recover itself naturally. But, Hoover failed to recover the economy. However, Franklin Roosevelt brought the U.S. economy back unnaturally by creating necessary jobs. Thus, the concepts natural and unnatural are not logical related as atheists say.

The concepts 'natural' and 'unnatural' and many other concepts coexist. Thus, I say that God has created many non-living things of the universe first. After these things were developed, God developed living things, such as the Little Soul-Bodies, animals, and plants. Thus, God created the Little Soul-Bodies at 4.4 million years ago on our planet.

For the last 6000 years, these Little Soul-Bodies have been developing naturally. However, more recently, the Little Soul-Bodies began to lose their natural behaviors and began to develop an  unnatural behavior called cancer. Cancer is the cause of many different medical problems So, If FDR was still living, this unnatural behavior of cancer would be found and eliminated.

I conclude that the unnatural behaviors of the Little Soul-Bodies must be eliminated. If these unnatural behaviors continue to grow, the cancer projects will grow at younger and younger human lives. To reduce cancer, I say that the U.S. economy must be changed to  'only necessary' production and sales.

My; books about God and the Universe are in agreement with the work of Gottfried Leibniz:

1. The First Scientific Proof of God (2006), 271 pages,
2. A New and Modern Holy Bible (2012), 189 pages.
3. God And His Coexistent Relations To The Universe. (2014), 429 pages


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