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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fidel Castro and His Illness Leads to New Thoughts

When I think about Fidel Castro and his illness, I think about the evilness of Aristotle's logic and how it was used by political scientists to create the contraries, communism and democracy. This pair of contraries is the most ignorant pairs of logical concepts that political scientists and politicians can create because they reduce the freedom of humans. This pair of logical concepts has created all wars of the 20th century and all stupid presidential debates such as the debate between Iran and the USA on the development of nuclear energy. Certainly new energies are needed by all nations.

Only two political leaders have sensed the human error in the use of the contraries, communism and democracy. These leaders are former US President William Clinton and the Prime Minister of England, Tony Blair. They destroyed this pair of contraries by creating the Third Way,' a political system that functions in the middle between communism and democracy. More recently, Russia's President Putin told President Bush that Russia is really a democracy but that its political system stays away from the extremes of these contraries. Apparently nether communism nor democracy can be perfected and completed where an end has come. In fact, if Aristotle's logic should be destroyed, it is time to stop all debates on the subjects of communism and democracy.

When are the leaders of the US government going to work in the middle between the contraries' communism and democracy? Did Fidel Castro try to guide his people into the Clinton/Blair Third Way? I do not know. But, I believe that an honest reporter can answer this question. But, at the same time, I believe that US leaders ought to learn more about our symbolic languages and how they can be used to destroy Aristotle’s logic.


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