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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Politically Right / Politically Wrong Do Not Form a Natural Structure for Man's Thought

The concepts, politically right and politically wrong, were conceived by the field of politics to distinguish two opposing political parties. In the USA, for instance, these concepts distinguish the Democratic and Republican parties using Aristotle’s logical reasoning. But, this logic has closed political thought. It also enslaves people who have new ideas but cannot present them to an open-minded political forum.

As seen, this US political dualism is stretching political thought backwardly and into the ancient period during which Plato and Aristotle debated over the way man must think in order to build knowledge. Aristotle thought that man could build knowledge with logic. Plato was a geometer and thus disagreed with Aristotle. Unfortunately, world leaders sided with Aristotle, that is, until the 14th century. Beginning in the 14th century, scientific people began to replace Aristotle’s logic with Plato’s way of building knowledge. But, many other fields of thoughts remained with Aristotle’s logic.

Today, most fields of thought are still using Aristotle’s logic because Plato’s way is scientific. The field of political science is one of those fields who are ‘dragging their feet.’ Unless today’s politicians ‘wake up,’ political thoughts throughout the world will continue to degenerate rationally. Today’s wars, terrorism, poverty, crime, social conflicts, etc. exist only because political leaders are thinking anciently and improperly. The point is, a political idea can only be better or worse, when compared with other ideas.


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