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Friday, November 03, 2006

An Invitation to Mathematicians and Astrophysicists

In my October 28, 2006 blog, I discussed ‘A System Approach to God and the Universe.’ I wrote this blog to inform people throughout the world that God and all things in the universe form a single world, which is eternal and has no end. I describe this single world in great detail in my recent book on ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’ Now, I wish that I would have given this book the title I gave to this October blog because the First Scientific Proof of God is the foundation of the universe and reveals many related truths about the universe and human life.

Lately, I have been reading on the progress of the field of mathematics on the subject of the ‘Riemann Hypothesis.’ (See, for example, ‘Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis’ by Dan Rockmore of Dartmouth College.) Riemann’s Hypothesis deals with the prime numbers, which were identified by our mathematicians. The primes are numbers like two, three, five, and seven; are divisible only by one or itself; and cannot be reduced. For instance, the number 6 is not a prime because it can be reduced to ‘two times three.’

The Riemann Hypothesis says that all primes are connected by a law. This law is known as the ‘Riemann zeta function.’ Riemann generated his zeta function on the S-plane, which is constructed with complex numbers. (Two S-planes are shown on p. 222 of my book and display the non-Euclidean world of two different electrical devices.) Riemann connects all prime numbers with zeta zeros. Thee discontinuities do not affect the continuity of the integers. The Riemann Hypothesis tells us that the prime numbers cannot be exhausted. This lack of exhaustion implies that God, who cannot be exhausted, must exist.

Rockmore tells the reader that mathematicians are failing to prove the Riemann Hypothesis (as a tool of evolutionary theory); are failing to link the ideas of chaos (uncertainty) and order (certainty) by using the quantum mechanics of particle physics and classical mechanics; and are failing to prove that the universe is 4-D (space and time).

Thus, I want to invite mathematicians and astrophysicists to consider my system approach to God and the universe. Specifically, I invite them to give thoughts to the monadology of Gottfried Leibniz In my book, I rename Leibniz’s monads to spiritual atoms. I also unify all of the spiritual atoms, which cannot be destroyed by Nature, and thus create a single universe. Since some of the spiritual atoms are dominating, I ask our mathematicians and astrophysicists whether the prime numbers are the foundation of God’s Intelligent Design of the physical infrastructure that supports life throughout the universe.

Since Riemann was a believer in God, might Riemann’s zeta function not be one of those ‘bad mathematical infinities’ that Georg Cantor would turn to something positive --- a transfinite number?


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