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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Life’s Logical and Functional Relations

My continued research on Religion and Science has revealed new trends that people are developing as a result of their divisions. Three examples of this division are (1) believers V. nonbelievers, (2) rich V. poor, and (3) freedom V. totalitarianism. The believers and nonbelievers are separated logically. Thus, a person either is a believer or is not a believer. The other two divisions were separated logically by history’s rulers. Today, these two divisions are shedding their ‘logic relations’ and are becoming ‘functional relations.’ The old economic classes, rich and poor, are thus being modernized. For instance, free nations have developed a ‘middle economic class.’ And, the socialists in the free nations are going further by developing a ‘middle political class’ known as the Third Way. The middle political class is being developed by people such as former US President Clinton and England’s Prime Minister, Tony Blair. As seen, these opposing and functional relations have nothing to do with mathematics, numbers, the physical sciences, and evolutionary theory. They have something to do with the rights that God gave to man and the Laws of Nature’s God..

In the Western world, the relations between Religion and Science became logical and separated Religion and Science after modern science emerged and a scientist, Galileo, was imprisoned by the Roman Church. This imprisonment changed the relations between Religion and Science from the functional relation, which existed since the time of Christ to the logical relation --- believers V. nonbelievers. In my new book, The First Scientific Proof of God, I try to show people that (1) God exists, (2) only one religion exists, (3) only one science exists, and (4) Religion and Science form a functional relation, not a logic relation.

Will you please help me convince religions and scientists that everything comes from God and that life is understood initially with logical relations but becomes more beautiful and truthful with function relations? This help can prevent the division of people such as the division that has occurred in the 9/11 pic.


  • At 9:36 AM, Blogger Ian Parker said…

    I am afraid I must take issue to you over Galileo. The facts, not usually brought out are the following.

    1) Galileo did NOT take the modern view of the separation of science and religion. He stated dogmatically that the Pope should endorse the heliocentric theory as "de fide".

    2) Galileo issued a definite provocation to the Pope by naming the moons of Jupiter as the Medician stars. The fact of the political struggle between Urban VIII and the Medici dynasty is never brought out.

    3) Galileo did not in point of fact offer any "proof" of the heliocentric theory. Kepler had proved that heliocentric ellipses simplified calcuation and other scientists used this to simlify calculation. In fact there was no viable theory until Newton proposed universal gravitation.

    4) Galileo wrote in Italian. It was the convention of the scholarship of the time to write in Latin (as did Isaac Newton).

  • At 3:15 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    Response to Ian Parker.

    Thanks because I do not want people to believe that Galileo caused the separation of Religion and Science.

    As I see Galileo at the University of Padua, in the environment of the writings of Nicholas of Cusa, both Galileo and Cusanus, would never separate Religion and Science.

    Galileo's good work on the pendulum and his bad imprisonment by the Church establishes a pair of opposites that did not fit into the minds of the modern scientists who would come after Galileo's death. Religion and Science should have never been separated

    Searching for causes in history is a difficult job. So, I do not think very long on the cause of the past separation of Religion and Science. All of my effort today is on their reunification.


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