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Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Monotheistic God and the Attributes of Life

When scientists made the error to reject God and theologians made the error to concentrate mostly on scriptures for knowledge, an ugly world could be expected to develop as it is today. Slowly, I developed the belief that this ugly world could be changed to a new and beautiful world if more knowledge was developed about a monotheistic God. In 1980, I decided to develop this new knowledge and did by publishing the book, The First Scientific Proof of God, in 2006.. In this blog, I show why scientists and theologians might have made these errors.

After the Jew, Abraham, convinced people that only one God exists, the theology of monotheism expanded and caused pantheism to degenerate. However, as monotheism expanded, new names were given to God. Some examples are All Mighty, El Roi (a god that sees), Infinite One, and Yaweh. Some of these names became scientific because the ancient and modern scientists identify things and their attributes (or properties). Today, one must conclude that Philosophy, but not Science and Religion appreciate things, their differences and attributes, and the function God gave them.

In ‘‘The First Scientific Proof of God,’’ I view a monotheistic God as a thing. And, I seek the attributes of a monotheistic God. As a thing, God makes images of Himself to create the universe. These images are finite things because a monotheistic God is infinite and does not create other gods or finite gods, such as the gods of pantheism. All finite things are wholes and thus have parts. But, a monotheistic God has no parts. Thus, knowing the attributes of God is critical to our understanding of God.

Not to be concerned about finite things and their attributes and not to be concerned with the attributes of God have created unannounced problems in all sciences and all religions. For instance, physical scientists reject God They are thus concerned only with the processes that emerge from the exploding physical singularity billion of years ago. And, they view ‘environment,’ not as an attribute of each thing, but of a general process that has an effect on all things. And, many religions are concerned only with those processes of God that will eventually judge us. What are science and religions doing about the life that God created, that is, all of it? Do they see ‘‘getting a job’’ and ‘‘dying’’ the only real attributes of the life God made?


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