Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Monotheistic God Is Connected Scientifically to the Many Finite Things He Creates

Yesterday, I showed some of the things that the Hubble telescope has found in the universe. I also said that God is in all things that He creates but is not in them in a way that God is each of them. If God would be in them, pantheism, rather than panentheism, would be true. However, the way an infinite God would be found in all finite things could not be explained by the ancients. The ancients failed because they wanted to view God geometrically, as most people still view each other today. Fortunately, the ancients knew that an infinite thing could not fit into any finite thing geometrically. This ‘fitting’ problem could not be answered for thousands of years. To solve this problem, we had to wait for modern science to become possible in the 14th century, the development of function theory in mathematics after modern science developed, and wait for some scientist to apply of function theory to God and spiritual atoms , as I did, in the 21st century In the meantime, many new and different religions appeared. Today, they must change.

I assert that an infinite thing can be found in any finite thing. But, this is possible only if God creates all finite things differently and functions identically in each different thing. The pair of opposites, different and identical, are thus necessary to explain why all different finite things come from the same infinite God. This pair of opposites helps to explain why monotheism (e.g., a one God theology) is true and why God must appear in our world, as the Son of God.

To have a monotheistic God function in all finite things in the universe, a scientific symbolic language must connect an infinite God to all finite things. I make this scientific connection with the scientific version of the Christian Trinity. (See Part IIb of The First Scientific Proof of God.) Then, I identify an infinite set of indivisible spiritual atoms. (See Part IV of the same book.) The spiritual atoms are permanently connected to God. But, they are also functionally related to each other so that the universe can change in ways God thinks it must to change. The connection of the spiritual atoms to God gives each atom an eternal life. The changing functional relations among the spiritual atoms define the many continuous and different ways that the universe changes in accordance with God’s Intelligent Design. Thus, neither God nor the universe will end. Such a beautiful and endless universe could come only from the wisdom of a monotheistic God.


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