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Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Difference Between Me, the Darwinian Biologists, and the Biochemical Biologists

In the second paragraph the Preface of Darwin’s Black Box, the author and biochemist, Michael J. Behe, says: ’Yet understanding how something works is not the same as understanding how it came to be. For instance, I was able to find the first scientific proof of God because I sought the origin of ‘all finite things’ in the universe. On the other hand, the Darwinian biologists say that all living things have their origin in nonliving matter. However, in the mid-1950s, biochemical biologists distinguished themselves from the Darwinian biologists saying that life is a molecular phenomena and act as the nuts, bolts, and pulleys of biological systems. But, they do not know the origin of the molecules.

The biochemists seem to making more progress. But, the Darwinian biologists do not seem to be doing anything useful for people. Biochemists are helping people by identifying new molecular systems. For instance, five biochemists discovered what is called ‘glyconutrients’ and Mannatech of Texas distributes it to people. Glyconutrients solve the problems of sick people and prevent sickness by correcting the communications between cells by interacting with the carbohydrates we eat. The performance of the glyconutrients is unbelievable. I also found other hi-tech stuff such as Microhydrin and HydraCel from Royal Body Care of Texas. So what are the Darwinian biologists doing for people?

Biochemists do not know the origin of their molecules. But, I can tell them that their origin is known by me. They will be found in the spiritual atoms I use in the modern creation theory I describe in my book. They are found in God’s Intelligent Design and thus come from God. In the pic, the person is using an electron microscope. This microscope cannot see my spiritual atoms. But, as this microscope is improved, our biochemists will get closer and closer to my spiritual atoms. But, they will never see them because they would be seeing God. As one can see, an endless universe is unbelievably beautiful.


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