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Friday, September 14, 2007

How Spiritual Atoms Would Form All Things Needed for the Universe

When I published my book in 2006, I included the spiritual atoms in God’s intelligent design of the universe. But, I had not included many developmental ideas about them. At that time, I merely wanted to present the monads that Leibniz had offered to his future generations. Leibniz’s followers tried to propagate the monads but the Western world was not ready because the completed infinity of God was still unknown. Today, God’s true infinity is known. So, the world of today is ready for the spiritual atoms. Below, I present my latest thinking on them.

Spiritual atoms are modeled by geometrical points. However, the points are not ordered by a Euclidean structure. These points form a highly complex non-Euclidean structure of bodily things. The things become known with fields that connect all spiritual atoms in each thing and connect all things so that no spiritual atom is ever free. All things are infinite sets, which are uncompleted (or bad) infinities. So, all created things by God are imperfect. As imperfect things, they contain both essential attributes and accidents. The accidents create negativity in all created things. Thus, medical care should improve if we know why some people are healthy whereas other people have unhealthy problems.

All things are formed by a continuum of different organizing principles. For instance, organizing principles exist for all humans, all trees, all suns, all planets, etc. The prime numbers might be ordering these principles.

The concept of environment must be reconsidered because the universe has only things and has no vacuums. Further, since God cannot be exhausted, entropy seems to be an attribute of local regions of the universe. Thus, I see growth in the universe but no end.


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