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Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Proposal to Reform Colleges and Universities Using the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God

In my last blog, I discussed "A problem that exists in many US colleges and universities today." This blog is the first step that US colleges and universities must take to align future students to the Declaration of Independence and the mandate of ‘one people’ to build ‘a nation under God. In this blog, I discuss the expressed words in the Declaration of Independence seen as " Laws of Nature and Nature’s God." As seen, these words entitle the ‘one people’ of any nation to a separate and equal Station.

The words ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God’ means that two distinct laws must be sought by the ‘one people’ of the USA, as the US Declaration of Independence mandates. In my book, I say that the Laws of Nature identify the infrastructure of life. On the other hand, I say that the Laws of Nature’s God identify the moral laws of man’s freedom. I found teaching material on these two laws in the works of Immanuel Kant, which are improved in the works of Friedrich Hegel.

Today, the US has lost its God almost completely. The last attempt to enforce the first two paragraphs of the Declaration fo Independence and the Laws of Nature and God’s Nature was Abe Lincoln. After his assassination, the nature of the ‘one people’ (or Union) of the USA began to change. After Lincoln, materialism, atheism, and immoral behaviors began to grow. After Lincoln, the US government has changed from a self-government by ‘all people’ to a dictating-government by ‘few people’ (lobbyists and the rich).

To teach the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God properly, I recommend that the human mind be viewed as a thing-in-itself, which has reason, senses, feelings, and faith and is a unity that has no contradictions.


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