Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Theological Science* Reveals Theological Inconsistences in Our Thoughts About Monotheism, VI

When Abraham rejected pantheism and its idolatry, he had to conclude that God does not destroy itself in order to form other things. Thus, we know that Abraham knew that God had to be indivisible and the kind of God who can create other things out of his own essence without destroying himself. Plato confirmed these thoughts of Abraham in his Parmenides’s Dialogue. In this dialogue, Plato found that ‘One’ has no parts but exists with others.

At Plato’s time, many people knew that pantheism was false, that monotheism is true, that a monotheistic God is both one and infinite, that a monotheistic God coexists with others, and that these others exist in a lower world (the universe). Accordingly, the lower world was always developing and will continue to develop endlessly based on God’s intelligent design.

The current situation on monotheism is not good because Western religions are not teaching details about and our sciences are investigating our universe based on the assumption that God does not exist. The current situation explains why many different conflicts exist among the people who live now.

I present my thoughts on some monotheistic consistent and inconsistent details below.

--A personal God is inconsistent.
--God and man communication is inconsistent but God and man information exchange is consistence.
--Land and natural resource ownership is inconsistent.
--God’s blessings of persons and nation are inconsistent.
--God intervention into our problems is inconsistent.
--God produces miracles is inconsistent.
--God rewards and punishes people is inconsistent.
--Karma is inconsistent.
--The statement ‘God and our lower world do not end’ is consistent .
--UFOs are consistent.
--Life after death and reincarnation are consistent but a Heaven after life is inconsistent.
--Irreducible complexities in our lower world are consistent.
--Coexisting opposites in our lower world are consistent.
--God’s intelligent design of our lower world is consistent.
--God and the lower world are logically related is consistent.
--Spiritual atoms, which produce all things in the lower world, are consistent.
--Today's sciences are inconsistent.

I expect that these consistencies and inconsistencies will be proven scientifically eventually.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.


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