Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Theological Science*and Jesus Christ, XIII

Theological science is a new science and is the science of a monotheistic God and God’s intelligent design of the lower world in which we live. Since only one God exists, only one theory of God and only one religion can exist. Unfortunately, today’s religious leaders think differently saying that only their scripture expresses the true theory of God and the true religion.

In yesterday’s blog, I show that the government of an advancing nation under God cannot receive the common rights of its people and secure these people equally if its people practice the theory of God differently. Because of these different religious practices, the USA has become a failure because these different religions fight for a President, Judges, and Congresspersons so they can force their religious practices onto all other citizens. If the USA is to advance, I assert that ‘theological science’ must become the science and theology of every U.S. citizen.

While I gave theological science its name, the fields of science and theology were always unified after Abraham destroyed pantheism and idolatry and replaced them with a monotheistic God. However, these religions are destroying monotheism today with their ‘scriptural wars.’ These wars are just like the ‘military wars’ between nations and their political leaders and the ‘economic wars’ between modern nations and their business and industrial leaders. Wars cannot serve people. Wars are created only by people who give power to religious leaders, political leaders and economic leaders.

For thousands of years Christians have been giving power to religious leaders by lifting the Bible and Jesus Christ to the level of God. Jews and Muslims have also given power to religious leaders with their scriptures. These empowerments are human errors. While I say that the scientific and theological teachings of Jesus Christ are of a divine origin, other humans have also developed scientific and theological teachings that I say are new and turbulent and are thus of a divine origin.

Two divine examples are the teachings of Nicholas of Cusa and Gottfried Leibniz. Yet, the Catholic and Protestant church leaders never accepted or taught their works. Only recently has the Catholic church decided to consider the work of Nicholas of Cusa. But the Vatican supports evolution theory, a belief that is inconsistent with a monotheistic God.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.


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