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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Theological Science*and Jesus Christ, X

My ninth blog on Jesus Christ shows that Christianity has a major problem because some of its teachings either are false or have contradictions. However, I conclude that Judaism and Islam also have such problems. For instance, Jews expect God to appear in our lower world. Such an appearance is not possible because a monotheistic God is infinite. And Muslims say that the language in the Qur an is the language of a monotheistic God. This is not possible because the language of a monotheistic God is infinite and cannot be comprehended by us. Thus, it is time for Jews, Christians, and Muslims to discuss and identify their wrong teachings.

When Abraham found that God is monotheistic and infinite, he destroyed idolatry. But the Jews, Christians and Muslims never thought much about the impact of a such a different God. Today, Jews are waiting for God to appear. On the other hand, Christians are no longer waiting because they believe that God appeared as Jesus Christ. And Muslims can’t wait for God. Instead, some Muslims tie explosives around their body, kill people, and expect to go to Heaven immediately. I say that it is impossible for a monotheistic God to appear in our lower world, And I say that it is impossible for any human to appear in the world of a monotheistic God.

When Christians developed the Trinity in 325 AD, the ‘Son of God’ became a clear idea. However, the Eastern Christians concluded that Jesus Christ was the Son of God and was not God. This is when Christians divided and developed the Eastern and Western Christian churches. The Western Church went to Rome. Today, the major Eastern Church is in Moscow. Christianity works in Russia because self knowledge and socialism is consistent practices there.

I say that the ‘Son of God’is a concept that represents ‘all humans.’ The Son of God thus distinguishes 'all humans' from 'all lower animals.' All lower animals (dogs, bees, birds, camels, etc.) are able to build sign languages so they can communicate with each other. On the other hand, human can build symbolic languages, which has two purposes. First, like the lower animals, humans use symbolic languages to communicate with each other. Second, humans use symbolic languages to build self knowledge. For instance, self knowledge had to develop before the USA could land on the moon. Clearly, the teaching of self knowledge by Jesus Christ was very important to everyone on this planet.

By practicing monotheism, the life of a person must be focused on self knowledge. The true life of a person does not include waiting for God to appear. Nor does the true life of a person include a trip to Heaven after death. Nor is the true life of a person include atheism.

It is unfortunate that Western world religions never developed the monotheism of Abraham. For over three thousand years nothing was done by religions or any science. Isn’t it time for monotheism to be developed?

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.


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