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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Theological Science*and Jesus Christ, VII

The writings of St. Paul are closely aligned to the teachings of Jesus Christ. For instance, at Chapter 12 of Romans, Paul tells us that we must love each other because, in God, we are one. Our founders knew that when many people organize, they form a Union, even though each member has developed different talents (or offices). Using today’s political languages, the founders of the USA created a social democracy in which each citizen has personal and social responsibilities and express their brotherly love for others at all times.

Unfortunately, the U.S. free market economy has failed to develop the U.S. as social democracy with its personal and social responsibilities and brotherly love. This failure is confirmed almost every evening on TV news. This news is telling us about banking and stock market greed and huge CEO paychecks, child molestations, murders, business and industrial failures, government bailouts, increased unemployment, etc. This news is not the teaching of Jesus Christ. And this news tells us that the USA no longer the founded nation under God.

This failure belongs to the field of economics. This failure exists because most economists view social democracy wrongly saying that it is identical to the socialism of Russia. Social democracy is not communism, which has a central planning organization. A social democracy has national goals, but has no national plans. In a nation that has goals, the plans become alternative ways that goals can be achieved by ‘the people’ of the USA, through individuals and organizations. In Part IV, Ch. 4 of my book, I refer to these different ways as objectives.

Goals give a social democracy an essential change agent known as ‘the future.’ Without futures, a nation is living only in the present. Since what-is-in-the-present is always becoming what-is-in-the-past, theological science says that, if man has no future, man is always on a path to Hell.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.


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