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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXVIII (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part VII)

More thoughts by me have identified other human forces that can also prevent the meeting between Russia, China, Iran and the USA and the development of world peace. These forces are formed by the many institutions that exist throughout the USA today. These institutions hold a permanent set of ideas that its leaders and members do not want to change.

The ideas that are held in their minds act like boxes, which can’t be opened because the minds of these institutional leaders and members are closed. But today we know that such minds can be opened by mental shock forces. These nonlinear shock forces can cause these leaders and members to step out of the box where they can recognize opposing ideas. Some of these ideas are turbulent, like the turbulent ‘living water’ of Jesus Christ.

Many of these institutions are appearing since President Obama proposed shock-like changes for the USA and won their approval from a majority of voters. As a great thinker and speaker, President Obama has the great ability to open the concrete boxes of many U.S. institutions.

In this blog, I will discuss only two of these institutions and how they relate to form a more complex institution and a bigger box. One box contains the ideas held by atheists. The other box contains the ideas held by medical doctors and their insurance companies.

Some ideas of atheists are as follows: (1) rejection of God and metaphysics, (2) rejection of non sequiturs, (3) promotion of evolutionary theory, (4) accepting an end of the world due to entropy, (5) all things are mechanical, (6) abortion is a free choice, and (7) all morals are arbitrary.

Some of the ideas of doctors and their insurance companies are as follows: (1) alternative medicine and holism are false ideas, (2) a human is a mechanism, (3) diseases must be treated with ‘bullet-like pills.’ (4) cancer must be treated by chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, (5) reject God and metaphysics, (6) promote evolutionary theory, (7) accept the end of the world due to entropy, and (8) equate life science to a physical science.

As seen, when the ideas of atheism become common to the ideas of an institution, a bigger box is formed and a larger human force is created. These forces must be exposed to the public before the meeting between Russia, China, Iran and the USA occurs and before world peace can be developed.


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