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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXIX (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part VIII)

Gottfried Leibniz named his new thoughts as ‘New System’ in his 1695 paper. Accordingly, the symbol ‘system’ was used by Leibniz about 250 years before U.S. scientists and military operations researchers began to use this symbol in WWII. Thus, Leibniz’s symbolic language was very advanced. Leibniz’s use of ‘system’ was correct because he was unifying two fields of thought, the fields of modern science and theology.

To make his New System clearer in books, universities, and colleges, I renamed his system as ‘theological science.’ On this website, I presented 115 blogs on theological science, from 6/6/08 to 12/25/08. And from 12/26/08 to 1/16/09, I presented some current inconsistent thoughts with ‘theological science.’ My current blogging effort is to link Leibniz’s New System and my over two-year effort of developing ‘theological science’ to President’s Obama’s effort to ‘remake America.’ This linkage will require a concerted effort of many Americans because some Americans are already trying to stop President Obama’s effort.

Since any effort to remake America will encounter opposing institutionalized forces, I suggest that ‘theological science’ be linked initially to President Obama’s effort to rebuild America’s educational system. Until formal changes take place in the educational system through President Obama’s effort, informal change can begin through my website.

My website is thus wide open to the youth of America on the subject of theological science. So, the youth of America can help President Obama by challenging your teachers and the educational material presented by the public school system. For example, theological science says that teaching of evolutionary theory must be removed from America.


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